EMI Well Head Tubing Inspection

Our fleet of EMI Well Head Tubing Inspection trucks and experienced operators are ready to scan and sort your production tubing, so you know what is safe to put back in the well. Operating 20 scanning trucks in the 5 state Rocky Mountain region, we are ready 24 hours a day to meet your scanning inspection needs.

Last thing you want is to put compromised tubing back into a well only to have it fail within a matter of months and have to repeat the well service process. Rigs time is expensive. New tubing is expensive. Know what you have in your well instantly, and make educated decisions on what to replace and what to put back in service. Don't throw away good tubing. Don't open yourself up to repeated service expenses. Let us help.
We designed a proprietary microprocessor based scanning system that completely eliminates the electrical noise and signal drop due to long analog cable runs by putting the scanning electronics in the sealed tub. All other scanning units on the market have long analog signal cables, acting like giant antennas, between the scanning unit on the well head and the operator in the truck. Was that a defect, or electrical noise? Is the unit reading correctly, or did adding a 100' cable for the safety set back exceeding the manufacturers recommended 30' cause signal drop that will mask defects? Our scans are consistently accurate, while others are left guessing.
Every operator is certified in OSHA, Safeland, H2S Clear, First Aid, CPR and AED trained. Every individual EMI scanning unit has been inspected and certified by the CSA to be Class I Division 1 rated. Our scanning units are designed to be operate with a 100' safety set back from your well head. Our Standard Work Instructions have been developed with over 34 years of experience in the scanning industry and in coordination with our partners.
Every prospective operator attends our week long training school in our permanent training facility allowing them to learn to operate on a real scanning unit with real tubing at real rig speeds. Our classroom training covers; all aspects of electromagnetic inspection theory and process, UT Inspection and camera inspection. Each prospective operator then goes through a 3 month apprenticeship process with another certified and experienced operator. They must complete 80 hours on our scanning simulator. Only then will a prospective operator be evaluated, tested and certified to operate on your location.
Class I Division 1 Certification

Every individual EMI scanning unit has been inspected and certified by the CSA to be Class 1 Division 1 rated.

Save valuable rig time by knowing your string will pressurize up when it is completely back in the hole. You won't have to pull the string a second time searching for a bad connection or worse yet have to bring a rig back on location because a compromised tube failed shortly after the well was serviced.
State of the art safety controls have been added to all of our trucks. We operate with single and dual hose truck setups. We have the option to use both Yo-Yo and drag tools.
Intense quality inspection of all critical equipment is just part of our Standard Work Instructions.
Hydrostatic Tubing Inspection

Hydro-static testing your tubing back into the well gives you peace of mind, every connection is solid and your tubing isn't compromised.

Pipe Reclamation / Full Service Machine Shop

Do you have a pile of used, dirty, bent pipe with bad threads and unknown structural integrity sitting in your yard? Was your rental string returned in good condition? Do you need a custom part machined to get back in service? We can help. Schedule an appointment for our fleet of trucks to pick up your tubing today.

Used pipe is the nature of the oil field. Knowing what you can safely reuse and what you can't is the difference between recouping an investment and creating a future maintenance expense. Let us help recoup your investment. We can provide you with an analysis of the cost of reclamation compared to new tubing.
  • Clean Full Length ID / OD
  • Full Length Drift
  • 4 Function EMI Inspection
  • Straighten
  • Coupling Removal and Installation
  • New Couplings - Full Inventory
  • Re-thread Connections
  • Manganese Phosphate Coated Connections
  • Stationary Hydrotesting up to 10,000 PSI
  • Tubing Delivery & Pickup
  • Well Head Repair
  • Cross Over Subs
  • Specialty Connection Repair
  • Welding
  • Fabrication
Camera / Ultrasonic Inspection

Stop cutting open your tubing, just to know what it looks like inside.

Pipe Icon
Do you need rod guides?

Quickly identify which tubes in the string are showing signs of rod where to know wear to place your rod guides.

Do you need to adjust your chemical program?

A quick look inside your tubing brings to light any changes needed in your corrosion control program.

Fast information, none of the hard work.

Our camera operators can inspect your tubing while it is on site without having to cut it open. Know instantly what corrections you need to make.

Training, Safety and Quality Assurance

Our training, safety and quality programs set us apart from the competition.

PRS has the most extensive training program in the industry.
  • Dedicated Training School
  • Horizontal Rig Simulator
  • Truck Operator Simulator
  • SSE Program with Dedicated Mentor
  • Apprenticeship program
Our employees are trained by in house safety trainer in:
  • OSHA 10 Hour
  • PEC Safeland
  • PEC H2S Clear
  • First Aid, CPR & AED
  • Defensive Driving
  • Fork Lift
  • In Depth New Hire Safety Orientation Classes
  • Trucks GPS Monitored
  • Hazard Observation Program
  • Behavior Based Safety Program
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance Director
  • Cloud based job review by trained QHSE professionals.
  • Ability to use real job scan data for training.
  • Proprietary data analytic system.
  • Data insight reports provided to our customers.
  • Field audits by our QHSE professionals.
  • Scheduled maintenance program overseen by our QA Director.