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Field Inspection Services

Our field inspection services include EMI wellhead tubing inspection, mobile Hydro static testing, clean and visual, full length drift and many other methods to solve your tubing issues and get your wells up and running again in a timely manner. Unlike other companies that offer these services, we have many options available to us to not only complete the job, but prove up our results using several different methods, such as Ultrasonic Testing and Camera Assisted Defect Verification. This is all backed by our Quality Control Department that is staffed by people that are constantly researching and developing procedures and equipment to make our inspection process the best in the field.
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Hydrostatic Testing

PRS operates a fleet of several hydro static testing trucks that are able to test tubing at the well site. These trucks pressure up each individual joint in the string to the customers specification up to 8500 PSI. Our trucks are equipped with the latest equipment in the industry.

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ElectroMagnetic Mobile Tubing Inspection (EMI)

Our rig floor mounted Wellhead Tubing Inspection (WTI) system is designed to inspect oilfield tubing while it is being extracted out of the well by a work-over rig. Customers that utilize the WTI system benefit from an efficient and fast inspection process that offers many more qualities than hydro testing alone. The system uses the very latest and most advanced technology in the industry. A joint by joint profile is created, allowing our customers to eliminate a potential failure by removing and replacing faulty tubing before or after a failure occurs, while retaining joints of tubing that are still in excellent condition. This saves an enormous amount of time and money, and is a convenient way to get your well back in service quickly, and help prevent future failures. Our system is patented, and is the most capable field inspection system in the industry.

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Camera Assisted Defect Verification

We are now offering the only true camera assisted defect verification system in the industry to go along with our Wellhead Tubing Inspection system. We can utilize this system to see exactly what our inspection unit is indicating. This gives our customers that extra peace of mind, by allowing us to prove our work and show what is going on inside selected joints of the string. This is one of the key components of our Quality Control Department.

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Ultrasonic Transducer Testing

This tool is used for additional on the spot verification of wall thickness compared standard adjacent body wall thickness. It is a supplemental method that is great for documenting readings right on the joint of pipe, whether in the field or in our full service reclamation facility. It can also be a key component of our camera assisted defect verification system as we can pinpoint defects with the camera, and UT the exact area we are seeing.