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Quality Control / Quality Assurance

Our Quality Control/Quality Assurance department serves our customers in many different capacities, and serves as a major component in the overall quality of service for work we perform for our customers. Our written practices and quality standards were written in accordance to SNT-TC-1A standards. They were certified by a Level 3 ACCP professional.

  • Responsible for ensuring adherence to API procedures and protocol
  • Ensures calibration and functionality of all inspection equipment, mobile and stationary, that is used by our company
  • Continuously monitors all tools and equipment for certification and safety
  • Reviews and oversees that all inspection processes are performed correctly and accurately
  • Handles and corrects all issues that arise during or after the inspection process
  • Works with research and development to identify cutting edge technologies
  • Performs special inspection procedures on complicated issues for a satisfactory resolution
  • Oversees all training programs. Develops and implements training and testing curriculum for training school located at our headquarters
  • Standardization of inspection protocol throughout the company
Our QC/QA department is able to pinpoint, correct, and report on issues that present themselves during our many different inspection processes, both in the field as well as at our inspection facility. This department separates PRS from our competitors and gives customers an additional level of confidence in the quality of our services.