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Reclamation and Repair

PRS offers a state of the art reclamation and repair facility that provides comprehensive inspection services, including:

We are specialists in both production string and rental string inspections and repairs, and can customize our inspection process to fit your company's specific requirements.

spacer Image of 4-function EMI with Rotational Head
4-function EMI with Rotational Head

Automated 4 function EMI with rotating heads offers maximum longitudinal and transverse defect detection. This inspection unit is the gold standard of all stationary inspection methods, with 4 different capabilities that can detect virtually all defects, even difficult coil rod, pin holes, and very minor wear and wall loss.

spacer Image of EMI Tubing Inspection
EMI Tubing Inspection

Tubing and casing inspections according to API 5A5 standards. Custom inspection criteria available upon customer specification and request".

spacer Image of Hydrostatic Testing
Hydrostatic Testing

PRS operates a fleet of several hydro static testing trucks that are able to test tubing at the well site. These trucks pressure up each individual joint in the string to the customers specification up to 8500 PSI. Our trucks are equipped with the latest equipment in the industry.

spacer Image of VAT Cleaner and Removal of Paraffin
VAT Cleaner and Removal of Paraffin

Our vat cleaner is an extra option to remove stubborn buildup of paraffin and other substances that cannot be removed by standard OD/ID cleaning.

spacer Image of Visual Thread/End Area Inspection
Visual Thread / End Area Inspection

PRS offers complete thread and end area inspection including magnetic particle inspection, that can identify defective threads, seals, and damaged or chipped chamfers. Couplings are removed and areas are thoroughly brushed and cleaned. We offer a full service threading facility to repair ends that are in need of repair.

spacer Image of OD/ID Cleaner/Full Length Drift
OD / ID Cleaner / Full Length Drift

The primary step in reclamation and repair, this allows us to work with clean joints of drifted tubing for the remainder of our inspection process, giving you confidence that your tubing is able to withstand the many different uses it may encounter after it leaves our facility.

spacer Image of Spin/Cross Roll Straightener
Spin / Cross Roll Straightener

We have 2 types of straighteners: Stationary spin straightener and mobile cross roll straightener. Bent or corkscrewed tubing can be straightened and saved in many instances. Added mobile straitening in customers own yard available upon request.

spacer Image of Coupling Removal and Installation
Coupling Removal and Installation

Remove, inspect, replace, or reverse and reinstall couplings. This can be performed as an individual service. It is also a part of our full service reclamation and repair process.

spacer Image of Rental String Inspection and Repai
Rental String Inspection and Repair

PRS is the regional headquarters for inspection and repair of rental strings. Certified inspectors that check for premium thread damages as well as pitting, slip cuts, tong cuts, hammer dings, and drifting and repair service. Mag particle inspection is available as well. Our state of the art hydrostatic testing facility can manganese phosphate coat your threads, and test your tubing to 10000 PSI.

spacer Image of 8-Round EUE / Premium Thread
8-Round EUE / Premium Thread Repair

Threading service is offered for repair of 8 Round EUE and premium connections. We have Summit and CNC lathes that can cut many sizes of tubing connections and several connection styles including drill pipe.

spacer Image of Manganese Phosphate Coating
Manganese Phosphate Coating System

Our Manganese Phosphate thread coating process helps reduce friction, prevent galling, and protects from corrosion. We utilize the most advanced coating system available to reduce set-up and maintenance times and can accommodate most OCTG sizes.

spacer Image of PRS Truck Fleet
Truck Fleet for Transportation of Pipe

We offer a fleet of trucks designed specifically for receiving and delivery of tubing at competitive pricing. Let us help ease the burden of your supply chain management.